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It breaks our heart knowing that 70% of people do not like their career or job, we do not need to be working in a boring job when we can have a career that gives enjoyment and satisfaction.  When the need is to find me a job don't just go looking for a job take a serious look at which career fits the best for your natural abilities.  Even if the circumstances are forcing to the point of saying find me a job or what career next Career Box will give the tools to make the right decision.


The single largest waking activity for most of us is the time spent in our career, so we should really love what we do for a career or vocation.  With the right resource and information we can change the job into a career we really love.  Don't say find me a job but show me the right career.


It is common for people to spend more time planning their annual holidays than their career, often because of the lack of career guidance tools to find the work that truly fits.


Career Box provides all the resource needed when then need is find me a job. When you know the right career and how to make the career change the process is easier and the outcome exciting.


Based on twelve years development Career Box will be available in the fourth quarter of 2014. Career Box is packed with so many resources and support you will know the best type of position to go for find me a job will not be the question. With the worlds leading Career Guidance, Succession Planning, Career Transition Tools, Aptitude Assessment, Free Testing, Career Direction and much more.